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UFT/QTP Training in Chennai

Squirelogic provides Best QTP training Institute in Chennai by experienced industry professionals and the QTP Training Institute in Chennai is well equipped with advanced labs. 

Trainers working in QTP for more than 5 years are carefully chosen to conduct high quality QTP Training in Chennai so that the students can benefit from real time scenarios.

 Instructors offering QTP Training in Chennai have practical knowledge as they implement their knowledge and expertise in day to day work.

Course content by best QTP Training Institute in Chennai is carefully crafted to match the industry requirements. 

The topics covered in QTP Training include latest and best real-time examples that are aimed to help students in getting the right job so after the completion of Training. 

Our expert instructors will highlight the Key topics from QTP Training based on the questions that can be possible asked by the interviewer during the job selection process; this provides confidence to the students while facing job interviews.


Introduction to Automation

 1.Introduction to QTP

  A Quick Glance at QTP

  Record and Playback

  Object Repository

  Object Identification




  Output values


  Custom and Virtual objects

  Recovery Scenario Manager

2.VB Scripting

  Programming with VBScript

  Working With Libraries

  VBScript Built in Function Library

  VB Script Solved Examples

  VB Script Debugging

3.Automation Scripting

  Windows and Web objects

  Data table

  COM Objects

  File System and Dictionary objects

  Working with database

  Working with XML files

  Descriptive Programming

  QTP Tools

  Reporter Object

  Regular Expressions

4.Advanced Automation Scripting

  QTP Automation Object Model (AOM)


  Working with External Dlls

  Working with Excel Object Model

  Working with Microsoft Work

  Working with Microsoft Outlook

  User Defined Functions

  Working with WSH (Windows Shell)

  Custom Chekpoints and Synchronization

  Programming With Repositories Collection and Recovery Objects

  Working with HP Quality Center

  Automation Framework

  New in QTP 10 and 11

5.Automation Frameworks

 Modular Frame Work

 Library Frame Work

 Data Driven Framework

  Keyword Driven Framework

6.Quality Center

 Integrating Quality Center and QTP