Course Details

Android Development Training in Chennai

Squirelogic  is directed  towards corporate, individuals, tech enthusiasts and students. It is a comprehensive hands-on training with an intensive syllabus and thorough approach in Android application design and development. 

Android Development Training in Chennai program will empower you with the knowledge of visualizing, building, programming and publishing an Android application. 

There is a gap between the demand and supply of functional apps in diverse niches which you can fulfill with Android app development knowledge.

Android Training Course Content:

  • History of Android

  • Android Stack

  • Hello Android (Anatomy of android project)

  • Architecting Android Apps

  • Debugging and Testing Android Apps

  • Android Security Overview

  • Activities and User Interface

  • Action Bar and Navigation

  • Preferences

  • Advanced UI

  • Services

  • Broadcast Receivers

  • Data storage techniques and Content Providers

  • Lists and Adapters

  • Fragments

  • Testing Overview

  • End of Session

  • Q and A